Grantlee  5.1.0
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Grantlee::OutputStream Class Reference

The OutputStream class is used to render templates to a QTextStream. More...

#include <grantlee/outputstream.h>

Public Member Functions

 OutputStream ()
 OutputStream (QTextStream *stream)
virtual ~OutputStream ()
virtual QSharedPointer< OutputStreamclone (QTextStream *stream) const
QString conditionalEscape (const Grantlee::SafeString &input) const
virtual QString escape (const QString &input) const
QString escape (const SafeString &input) const
OutputStreamoperator<< (const QString &input)
OutputStreamoperator<< (const SafeString &input)
OutputStreamoperator<< (QTextStream *stream)

Detailed Description

A OutputStream instance may be passed to the render method of a Template to render the template to a stream.

QFile outputFile("./output");;
QTextStream tstream( &outputFile );
OutputStream os(&tstream);
t->render( &os, &context );

The OutputStream is used to escape the content streamed to it. By default, the escaping is html escaping, converting "&" to "&amp;" for example. If generating non-html output, the escape method may be overriden to perform a different escaping, or non at all.

If overriding the escape method, the clone method must also be overriden to return an OutputStream with the same escaping behaviour.

class NoEscapeStream : public Grantlee::OutputStream
// ...
QString escape( const QString &input ) const
return input;
QSharedPointer<OutputStream>( new NoEscapeStream( stream ) );
return clonedStream;
Stephen Kelly

Definition at line 82 of file outputstream.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Grantlee::OutputStream::OutputStream ( )

Creates a null OutputStream. Content streamed to this OutputStream is sent to /dev/null

Grantlee::OutputStream::OutputStream ( QTextStream stream)

Creates an OutputStream which will stream content to stream with appropriate escaping.

virtual Grantlee::OutputStream::~OutputStream ( )


Member Function Documentation

virtual QSharedPointer<OutputStream> Grantlee::OutputStream::clone ( QTextStream stream) const

Returns an cloned OutputStream with the same filtering behaviour.

QString Grantlee::OutputStream::conditionalEscape ( const Grantlee::SafeString input) const

Returns after escaping it, unless input is "safe", in which case, input is returned unmodified.

virtual QString Grantlee::OutputStream::escape ( const QString input) const

Returns an escaped version of input. Does not write anything to the stream.

QString Grantlee::OutputStream::escape ( const SafeString input) const

Returns an escaped version of input. Does not write anything to the stream.

OutputStream& Grantlee::OutputStream::operator<< ( const QString input)

Writes input to the stream after escaping it.

OutputStream& Grantlee::OutputStream::operator<< ( const SafeString input)

Writes input to the stream after escaping it if necessary.

OutputStream& Grantlee::OutputStream::operator<< ( QTextStream stream)

Reads the content of stream and writes it unmodified to the result stream.