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Grantlee::FileSystemTemplateLoader Class Reference

The FileSystemTemplateLoader loads Templates from the file system. More...

#include <templateloader.h>

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Public Member Functions

 FileSystemTemplateLoader (const QSharedPointer< AbstractLocalizer > localizer=QSharedPointer< AbstractLocalizer >())
 ~FileSystemTemplateLoader () override
bool canLoadTemplate (const QString &name) const override
QPair< QString, QStringgetMediaUri (const QString &fileName) const override
Template loadByName (const QString &name, Engine const *engine) const override
void setTemplateDirs (const QStringList &dirs)
void setTheme (const QString &themeName)
QStringList templateDirs () const
QString themeName () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Grantlee::AbstractTemplateLoader
virtual ~AbstractTemplateLoader ()

Detailed Description

This template loader works by traversing a list of directories to find templates. Directories are checked in order, and the first match hit is parsed and returned.

loader->setTemplateDirs(QStringList() << "/home/user/app/templates" <<
"/usr/local/share/app/templates" );
engine->setTemplateLoader( loader );
// This will try /home/user/app/templates/mytemplate.html
// followed by /usr/local/share/app/templates/mytemplate.html
engine->loadByName( "mytemplate.html" );

Additionally, a themeName may be set on the template loader, which will be appended to search paths before the template name.

loader->setTemplateDirs(QStringList() << "/home/user/app/templates" <<
"/usr/local/share/app/templates" );
loader->setTheme( "simple_theme" );
engine->setTemplateLoader( loader );
// This will try /home/user/app/templates/simple_theme/mytemplate.html
// followed by /usr/local/share/app/templates/simple_theme/mytemplate.html
engine->loadByName( "mytemplate.html" );

Media URIs may be retrieved for media relative to the directories searched queried for templates.

loader->setTemplateDirs(QStringList() << "/home/user/app/templates" <<
"/usr/local/share/app/templates" );
loader->setTheme( "simple_theme" );
engine->setTemplateLoader( loader );
// This will try /home/user/app/templates/simple_theme/logo.png
// followed by /usr/local/share/app/templates/simple_theme/logo.png
// and return the first one that exists.
engine->mediaUri( "logo.png" );

The template files loaded by a FileSystemTemplateLoader must be UTF-8 encoded.

See also
Deploying Templates

Definition at line 133 of file templateloader.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Grantlee::FileSystemTemplateLoader::FileSystemTemplateLoader ( const QSharedPointer< AbstractLocalizer localizer = QSharedPointerAbstractLocalizer >())


Grantlee::FileSystemTemplateLoader::~FileSystemTemplateLoader ( )


Member Function Documentation

bool Grantlee::FileSystemTemplateLoader::canLoadTemplate ( const QString name) const

Return true if a Template identified by name exists and can be loaded.

Implements Grantlee::AbstractTemplateLoader.

QPair<QString, QString> Grantlee::FileSystemTemplateLoader::getMediaUri ( const QString fileName) const

Return a complete URI for media identified by fileName.

Implements Grantlee::AbstractTemplateLoader.

Template Grantlee::FileSystemTemplateLoader::loadByName ( const QString name,
Engine const *  engine 
) const

Load a Template called name. Return an invalid Template if no content by that name exists.

Implements Grantlee::AbstractTemplateLoader.

void Grantlee::FileSystemTemplateLoader::setTemplateDirs ( const QStringList dirs)

Sets the directories to look for template files to dirs.

void Grantlee::FileSystemTemplateLoader::setTheme ( const QString themeName)

Sets the theme of this loader to themeName

QStringList Grantlee::FileSystemTemplateLoader::templateDirs ( ) const

The directories this TemplateLoader looks in for template files.

QString Grantlee::FileSystemTemplateLoader::themeName ( ) const

The themeName of this TemplateLoader