Grantlee  5.2.0
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Grantlee::CachingLoaderDecorator Class Reference

Implements a loader decorator which caches compiled Template objects. More...

#include <grantlee/cachingloaderdecorator.h>

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Public Member Functions

 CachingLoaderDecorator (QSharedPointer< AbstractTemplateLoader > loader)
 ~CachingLoaderDecorator () override
bool canLoadTemplate (const QString &name) const override
void clear ()
QPair< QString, QStringgetMediaUri (const QString &fileName) const override
bool isEmpty () const
Template loadByName (const QString &name, const Grantlee::Engine *engine) const override
int size () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Grantlee::AbstractTemplateLoader
virtual ~AbstractTemplateLoader ()

Detailed Description

The CachingLoaderDecorator can be used with any implementation of Grantlee::AbstractTemplateLoader.

loader->setTemplateDirs({"/path/one", "/path/two"});
auto cache =
m_engine->addTemplateLoader( cache );

The effect is that templates do not need to be loaded from the filesystem and compiled into Template objects on each access, but may be returned from the cache instead.

This can be significant if loading Templates in a loop, or loading the same Template very often in an application.

{% for item in list %}
<li>{% include "itemtemplate.html" %}</li>
{% endfor %}

If the loading of Templates is a bottleneck in an application, it may make sense to use the caching decorator.

Stephen Kelly

Definition at line 70 of file cachingloaderdecorator.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CachingLoaderDecorator()

Grantlee::CachingLoaderDecorator::CachingLoaderDecorator ( QSharedPointer< AbstractTemplateLoader loader)


◆ ~CachingLoaderDecorator()

Grantlee::CachingLoaderDecorator::~CachingLoaderDecorator ( )


Member Function Documentation

◆ canLoadTemplate()

bool Grantlee::CachingLoaderDecorator::canLoadTemplate ( const QString name) const

Return true if a Template identified by name exists and can be loaded.

Implements Grantlee::AbstractTemplateLoader.

◆ clear()

void Grantlee::CachingLoaderDecorator::clear ( )

Clears the Templates objects cached in the decorator.

◆ getMediaUri()

QPair<QString, QString> Grantlee::CachingLoaderDecorator::getMediaUri ( const QString fileName) const

Return a complete URI for media identified by fileName.

Implements Grantlee::AbstractTemplateLoader.

◆ isEmpty()

bool Grantlee::CachingLoaderDecorator::isEmpty ( ) const

Returns whether the cache is empty.

◆ loadByName()

Template Grantlee::CachingLoaderDecorator::loadByName ( const QString name,
const Grantlee::Engine engine 
) const

Load a Template called name. Return an invalid Template if no content by that name exists.

Implements Grantlee::AbstractTemplateLoader.

◆ size()

int Grantlee::CachingLoaderDecorator::size ( ) const

Returns the number of Template objects cached in the decorator.